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Undustrial Arts incorporates all forms of metal into the various creations produced. The majority of the pieces consist of "found objects" which is the use of an object that has not been designed for an artistic purpose, but which exists for another purpose already. If the material being used can be shaped, sculpted, or transformed in anyway, it has the potential to become an art piece. Some of the materials most often used:

Found objects of any form:   As the title suggests, found art or rather recycled items used for the purpose of art are central to many pieces
Steel Reinforcing bar:   A fairly common component in many of my pieces and used in many cases to obtain an organic feel
'Traditional' steel:   Sheet metal - Diamond Plate - Round and square tube - Round and square solid bars - Angle
Saw Blades:   Both partial and complete blades to add that unique flair and element of danger to a piece
Wrought Iron:   For a slightly old world feel or to give a project a sophisticated air
Miscellaneous Metal:   - A list that is continually evolving alongside that of the more traditional steel items - Ask for details
Wood / Stone / Concrete:   Distressed/aged wood (usually Poplar or Alder) - Found/recycled rocks - Formed concrete

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